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KidzFutbol Camp: From Camp to assessment in Spain less than a year later

Last June we held our first camp in Greece, Sparta to be exact. It was a success both on and off the field. We had many players attend our camp and we also held a seminar for parents and coaches that was very well attended.

One of the goals of our camps was for local players to experience something new, have a new Spanish/Catalan coach and genuinely have fun for the week. We also provided each player with an assessment from the week from our coaching staff.

We also selected two players that showed potential through the week based on several criteria and several discussions with all coaches and staff. These two players would travel to Spain for free for an assessment and to experience coaching and training first hand here in Catalonia, Spain. But first, we needed to prepare these players after the camp. We held meetings with the players and parents with our representative based in Greece Mr. Demetrios Stylianos.

Part of the plan was to monitor these players throughout the year and a great solution and partnership was created with Ajax Syrou. This club is a grassroots club to first team located on the island of Syros. They are one of the best clubs in the Cyclades region of Greece. Click on the banner below to visit the website of the club.

Director George Roussos took these players in and provided room and board that was fully covered by the club and the opportunity to train full-time with the club. They were also enrolled in local schools full-time and all arrangements for the two players made by Mr Roussos and his club. Today, the club has around 125 players, between the ages of 5 and 32, taking part in all the Championship competitions. and is the largest "organization" of Cycladic football. It has four licensed football coaches, a goalkeeper coach and a martial arts training coach, who is committed to empowering athletes according to international standards. It is run by a board of seven people with prominent scientists and renowned businessmen on our island. In the departments of the Academy, their services are provided by seven parent-responsible departments. These two players were in good hands with Ajax Syrou on and off the field and we would like to thank Mr George Roussos and staff and everyone involved with these players.

Giannis Andreakos of Sparta and Panagiotos Gournas of Kalamata were the players selected from the camp and embarked on this Kidzfutbol journey from our June 2018 Camp, to Ajax of Syrou and finally a trip to Catalonia, Spain.

Giannis, Panagiotis and Demetrios arrived in Barcelona on March 16, 2019 to begin their weeklong training at local club UE Vic. They both trained with the U16 and U19 squads for the week and faired quite well. Assessments were made, good impressions were left and they travelled back to Greece on March 23, 2019 to complete the remaining months in Syros where a final assessment will be made for the next season and what is best for their development. An on going process that normally would not come from any other ordinary "camp". We also would like to thank UE Vic and director Ramon Carrascal for these training opportunities. Photos and training videos can be viewed below.

As summer is quickly approaching we are working on some camps that will be announced shortly and if anyone is interested in hosting a camp, training opportunities or any other service please contact us at:

George Sarakinis Demetrios Stylianos

World: +34 621 226 076 Greece/Cyprus: +30 694 940 4041

North America: (905) 581-3974

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