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Visiting Tours open the doors to players and teams to experience Spanish Soccer at it’s best.  These tours encompass soccer culture at it’s finest. Players and Coaches and yes, even parents too will have an opportunity to experience our Tours.  We work diligently with the club and the team to ensure that this is not just a sightseeing tour but also one that will enhance team and individual development.  All sightseeing aspects of the tour are designed in collaboration with the teams and clubs, and thus cost can fluctuate depending on activities requested by the teams.


All of our Tours include:

Training with Spanish coaches: working with the our methodology, players and teams will receive training and development that is designed by our technical director and coaching staff that teach our methodology and enhance both individual and team skills.


Educational Opportunities- this is extended to both players and coaches.  Classroom training provides players and coaches and advanced skill training where they are taking skills and concepts from our methodology and research and applying it to their play.  These concepts will stay with the players and coaches and enhance their game long after the tour is completed.


Professional Game- Players and teams will have an opportunity to attend a La Liga game featuring either FC Barcelona or RCD Espanyol depending on league schedules.  This is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the beautiful game and watch some of your favourite players from La Liga in action. 


Other Optional Activities

  • Visit to FC Barcelona Academy where you will have an opportunity to watch FCB Academy teams in their regular season games.

  • Camp Nou Experience- this is one of the most viewed tourist attractions in all of Spain.  Thousands of people everyday walk the halls and museum of Camp Nou.

  • Watch FC Barcelona B during a league match.  These players are the next up and comers to the first team and teams all around the world.

  • Barcelona City Tours- a sightseeing bus that takes you on a journey around Barcelona highlighting important landmarks and tourist attractions.

  • Beach Day- an opportunity to relax Sea Side and enjoy the views of the Mediterranean Sea and Gorgeous landscapes.



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